Slate SD card file sharing - SMB not working

Trying to get a 750M working for a tripl. I have enabled file sharing on LAN and using a 64gb SD card. the 750 shows it’s at /mnt/c1 which I can’t change…not sure if that’s right. When I try to access the file using SMB from my ipad (File explorer application), it asks for userid pw…and I enter root and my administrative PW…and I get an error message that it can’t connect. I upgraded the 750m firmware to the latest and that changed nothing.

I need to fix this quickly. I want to be able to access the SD card from my ipad. What am I doing wrong…or what???.

It looks like you didn’t follow the guide for enabling file sharing: Network Storage - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

You need to define users and folders first.

actually, just switching programs on my ipad fixed the problem. apparently it was an smb mismatch. I am now using owlfiles.

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