Slate usage endurance


I’m interested in the Slate router. Since it is being advertised for the “travel-savvy”, I was wondering, can it be used in a home environment working from morning to night? Does it wear out or damage the router in anyway to be used constantly?

It works continuously OK.

Got one 2 weeks ago, operating from around 0800->2300 and so far hasn’t missed a beat.
Powered from a desktops 2x USB2 ports via a USB Y cable to a single Micro USB plugged into the router, so it’s getting 5V/1A and works fine - switched on when PC switched on, switched off when PC switched off.

I’ve used it continuously for months as my personal home router - often without rebooting for weeks. I’m using openvpn 24/7 with adblock also. Bandwidth usage is about 20-40gb per week.

I have the following recommendations:

  1. use a solid power supply
  2. leave it plenty of space for air to circulate
  3. use wired WAN if possible
  4. disable 2.4ghz if you don’t need it -or- reduce power to as low as possible if you do

The usable range (no perceptible loss of bandwidth, page loading issues or disconnections) on the 5ghz radio for me is about 10m. This is when unencumbered by walls (just some thin wooden partitions) in a very busy urban environment with competing networks and noise floor of around 99db. With one wall, I would estimate 5m for decent throughput.

The 2.4ghz radio obviously travels much further.

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Although you are using it well now, I still want to remind you that SLATE needs a 5V / 2A power adapter to ensure its stable working.

Wired WAN only, 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Disabled so substantially reduced power usage.

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Thanks for the replies. Nice active community :slight_smile: