Slate VPN help needed

I bought the slate as it was recommended to me as a good travel router.

I’m having trouble setting up the VPN (bare with me because I’m pretty new to VPNs). What’s the difference between the OpenVPN and Wireguard? And can I set it up to use out the box or do I need to pay for a VPN subscription somewhere?


Please look at the following two links first

You can purchase the services of other VPN service providers, or you can use our router to build your own VPN server (two devices are required).

If you buy 2 GL routers you can out of the box set up a basic VPN connection on your home internet (but remember you need to apply or have a PUBLIC ip address, that is an IP reserved to you or shared but accessible from the outside internet; The IP can be dynamic too, GL has a DDNS service for free).

As Luo said, you can also get 1 GL router and get a VPN provider, for the same result.

Both work of the box. I do recommend wireguard since the performance is much better. With OpenVPN you will only get around 8mbit max, while Wireguard can do around 80% of your internet connection (80mbit on a 100mbit line).

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Thanks! Yeah I misunderstood how it worked a bit. I did some research today and decided to give Mullvad a try. Really easy to setup with wiregaurd and seems to be working well.

Thanks :slight_smile: