Slate WireGuard VPN down after 5 days, how to troubleshoot?

Not sure where I should start troubleshooting. I am a digital nomad, not even there so it makes things a bit harder. But I might be able to get a relative to debug.

Wireguard app with tunnels was working fine and then now, nothing is working now.

I had setup port forwarding - on At&T BGW210-700 gateway to get all of this to work.


I use an AR300m as my Wireguard and Softether VPN server and I also travel for months at a time. Past experiences have shown me that there seems to be memory leaks in.these devices, so I have a Cron job reboot my AR300m daily. It’s been running fine for over a year now.

Have you had someone power cycle your device, to see if that gets it going again?

I am not familiar with that… can you please provide some details on how I can do that? Thx!

For the rebooting using cron, see: Nightly Reboot of GL-AR750? - #15 by chromebook

For info on how to setup cron, see: [OpenWrt Wiki] Scheduling tasks with cron

Did you use ddns in Wireguard config?

Did your isp change your public IP? It may change the IP if you reboot your modem or router.