SlateAX temperature?

What is the ideal temperature that the board / CPU should be at? I added a fan to the side to drop it to 55 Celsius but I don’t know if that’s enough.

There is no “ideal” temperature, really. With electronics like this it’s always a tradeoff between how hot you run it and how long it lasts.

Normally if you’re under 65C or so, that’s generally considered fine. It’s not uncommon for laptops to see temps closer to 75C given their cooling situation. Once you start getting into long periods of time in the 80s or 90s, the lifetime of the chip will be reduced quite a bit. But that still may mean several years. For a product like the AX, even if it’s your primary router, I wouldn’t worry about anything under 70C. If it’s just a travel router you use 20-30 days a year, I wouldn’t be worried about anything at all, ever.

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We had this question discussed already here: Slate AX - Temperature

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Why did you add a fan to GL-AXT1800 Slate AX it aready has one built in, do you mean GL-AX1800 Flint.

I added a fan so the main fan doesn’t have to kick on so I can spare its lifespan.

I guess I’ll go with the anything below 70c is fine.

Thanks guys