Slave router using OpenVPN setup problem

I am using an AR300M (firmware ver 2.261) as a slave router to provide wifi that is protected by OpenVPN running on that router. I have the slave (AR300M) router connected to the main router via ethernet cable connected to the LAN port on the slave router. The wifi provided by the slave router does indeed grant access to the internet for my wireless devices. So far so good, but the problem comes when I try to turn on OpenVPN. It just tries to connect over and over giving a TLS handshake error as the only clue of what is going on. The problem is not the .ovpn files or a username/password error. I have triple checked all of those.

I believe the problem is that OpenVPN is trying to connect through the WAN rather than through the LAN. I could be totally wrong about that, but to test out the theory, I connected to the slave router via SSH and attempted to ping several locations including the VPN server. No luck as all attempts were 100% packet loss.

How do I configure the AR300M to send all network traffic through the single LAN port so that the device itself can see the internet?

First, why you want to connect the cable to LAN port?

If you connect to the LAN port, then connect your devices to the WiFi, all your devices will be bridged to your main router. You mini router doesn’t have any control over the traffic of your devices. So Openvpn doesn’t work even when it is connected.

OpenVpn connect via any available network. If it give a TLS handshake error, it means it is trying to connect and the network setting is not a problem. So it is likely the problem of your ovpn. Did you use ovpn for windows? You should use ovpn for Linux. If not sure, you can post the content of the ovpn and the log details.

If you do want to config openvpn via the LAN port, you have to use proxy. As all the devices are connect to the main router directly, the current firewall settings doesn’t work at all.

Disregard this topic. I got the WAN port working on my router and now have things set up differently.