Slow repeater speed slate ac1300

I am confused. Using a wifi repeater costs bandwidth, i know. However, when connecting to hotel wifi through 2.4Ghz and my phone through 5Ghz to the gl inet router, the radio and bandwith are not shared, correct? So i should bennefit the full hotel speed.

Howcome my speed is so slow? When i connect directly to hotel wifi i get 50mbit, when using the router i get 5mbit. (Both from the same location)
What settings can effect this difference, any tips?

I am on firmware 4.2.3
Router is a GL-A1300

Correct. The 2.4G would be the radio solely used for ‘backhaul’ to the WAN in this case.

Is the Slate Plus authenticated against the hotel’s Captive Portal? 5 Mbps seems like that’d be a default allocation for just anyone walking in off the street.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Good to know 2.4 and 5ghz are separated. So the 2.4 radio can receive while 5ghz radio can send at the same time.

Capacitive portal is needed, otherwise no internet.
One trick i can still do is clone my phone’s MAC to make the comparison even more honest.

To bad there is no speed test tool in de UI, to check the speed between router and hotel wifi.

It’s better than nothing:

I figured it out, apparently 2.4GHz and USB 3.0 doent work well together, I had a USB flashdrive connected, causing the drastic speeds. After removing it, the speeds were great again.
Btw, for the Ookla speedtest there is also a CLI version you can install on your router, making it possible to test the speed between router and hotel wifi.