Slow Slate AX speed over wifi and WireGuard

Hello - here is my problem:

  • wifi speed test from my existing home Comcast router is 550mbps down, 20mbps up
  • hardwired Slate AX to Comcast router, connected to Slate AX via wifi, speed is 25mbps down, 15mbps up
  • I set up WireGuard on Slate, I test with my phone on the WireGuard app and tunnel through (wifi off, only cellular), i get 14mbps down, 19mbps up

Why am I getting such low speeds on both wifi and wireguard when my home speed is so much higher?

UPDATE: FYI i am connected to the Comcast router via the WAN port on the Slate however i was on 2.4Ghz, I connected to the 5Ghz SSID and the Wifi Speed is now 425mbps down, 18mbps up, much closer to my Comcast router. However, the WireGuard speed is still low which makes sense since I didnt make any changes to that…


  • Allow Remote Access LAN = OFF
  • IP Masquerading = ON
  • MTU = changed both client and server to 1280, now 33mbps down and 37mbps up

will do more testing with MTU but I’m very disappointed as the advertised speed for WireGuard on the Slate is 550Mbps

I assume the WG Client is connecting to the closest VPN server location, of course. It’s worth noting GL advertises those speeds based on ‘hard lining’ the links. Take Wi-Fi out of the equation.

i think i figured it out! the issue may have been my phone? I set up the VPN client router, made sure i set the button toggle on and can see the bandwidth being used and the speed I get is 190mbps down and 5mbps up on wifi. my only concern is that both the client and server on on the same network, literally both plugged into my Comcast router but this shouldnt matter for testing purposes right? i imagine not becase in just 5min of testing this is the bandwidth that the client is showing as used
924.70 MB down
32.34 MB up

Embedded radios have a huge variety in quality/specs across different makes, models, chipsets.

Wi-Fi is garbage tech.

Alright i was wrong. i’m still extremely disappointed with Slate’s marketing and I’ll tell you all why.
I have the server hardwired at my home which gets 500mbps on wifi alone. I have the client now hardwired at my friends which gets 250mbps on wifi alone, yet when I hardwire my laptop to the Slate to use the VPN, i’m only at 35 down and 2 up. I’m literally doing the best case scenario with hardwiring and I am NOWHERE near the advertised speed. very disappointed in the product. Are others getting hire speeds when hardwired?

Yeah, I would be too if hard lining didn’t solve it… & presuming the PC used is also capable of processing at least 600 Mbps (there’s also garbage GbE chipsets, too).

That is not right. Geezus; does the latptop hit 550/20 when directly connected to the modem, naked (ie: no WG)? It smells like there’s a MTU bottleneck somewhere.

I couldn’t tell you in my case; my Slate AX doesn’t come close to using even 300 Mbps; my ISP package isn’t that high.