Slow Speeds on Opal (GL-SFT1200)

I love this router especially with the usage of Openwrt and like the ability to add the features I like with it. The modification aspect of this router is amazing, but I need help. I pay for 500Mbps Down and 20Mbps Up. My main router (TP-Link AX32; and yes, it is a Wi-Fi 6 router and I understand this one is AC Wi-Fi 5 but either way it should still be giving up upwards of 480 to 530 Down.) gets us 580Mbps Down and 23Mbps Up using Wi-Fi at a distance I don’t expect to get those kinds of speeds while on Wi-Fi using the Opal, but I only get 140Mbps down and 23mbps up. I have category 8 ethernet cables and I’ve tried using the included cat6 cable to connect the router to the modem and standing right next to the router and I still only get 140Mbps or lower Downstream.

I have reset the router and messed with the configuration and even tried upgrading and downgrading but it is always the same. Idk if I am doing something wrong or what I need to do. The router says it can handle up to 800+ Mbps Down on the 5GHz Band and I get nothing near my speeds. I don’t expect to get the same results as my main router, but I at least am looking for around 480 - 530 Mbps Down. Please help me out, Thanks!

In the router’s client list page, can you check if you have real-time data statistics enabled?

Also let me know the firmware version?

Hi, can you try the following methods to improve WIFI speed?

  1. Login webgui-Wireless- Find the 5G WIFI menu and change the WIFI channel to a fixed channel,
  2. Disable 5G WIFI of TP-Link AX32 when testing WIFI speed with speedtest.

I have real-time data statistics off

Firmware Version 3.215

Yeah, I used a Wi-Fi analyzer to select an empty channel and while testing the speeds I had my main router off so to not interfere with my tests.

I dunno what to do. Maybe my device is defective or something??

can you post the wifi configuration on SFT1200? Want to check the channel and other settings, e.g. bandwidth.

^ image

Also for the channel settings I used a wifi analyzer and selected the channel manually and when testing the speed I am right next to the router and usually get at most around 140 - 150 mbps down while normally it is supposed to be 500+ or atleast 480Mbps and up

The config seems ok.
What is the speed from WAN to LAN?
Do you have any other wifi device to test speed?

I get 350 - 480+ Mbps download on lan (tested on laptop and desktop but the speeds jump around) and wifi I only get like 140 - 150 on iPhone and laptop

I would think on lan I’d get upwards of 500 - 570 Mbps but idk. On control panel (laptop) it says the connection is 1Gbps for the lan speed so I don’t think its the port nor cable

sorry I had to edit my msg since the test on laptop I did wasn’t working the first time. I was still on wifi but yeah. Lan to the router when the router is connected to my modem I get around 350 to 480 Mbps down

What is the speed of 2.4G WIFI?

Can you try moving around 10 feet/3 meters away from the router? Also, try a speedtest with the channel bandwidth set to 40MHz, instead of 80MHz.

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It’s around 80 Mbps down.

I tried the comment below standing a bit farther from the router now and it went up to 110+ Mbps down

I tried that rn and I got the same speed but at a higher average.

Test 1: 162 Down & 23 Upload
Test 2: 153 Down & 23 Upload
Test 3: 161 Down & 22 Upload