Slow Speeds on SlateAX

I currently have Beryl device that has been working great for me. At my current location I am able to get 25meg down/up on the Beryl. I ordered the SlateAX as an upgrade and it keeps maxing out at 10meg down/up and its takes a while for it to even get those speeds. I upgraded to the newest firmware but nothing seems to work. Looks like I will have to send this back as at the moment its is not a better upgrade over the Beryl.

Anything you all can think of that will help make the speeds better?

How do you test the speed?

Are you using cable to provide Internet or using repeater?

Are you testing on 2.4G or 5G?

I tested the speed with the Slate connected to ethernet port and from wireless. I was able to get that speed while the router was was connected to the wan and or when it was set up as a repeater for the wireless connection. Im not sure why it stuck at 10megs, maybe just a bad unit but I have sent it back as that speed is just to slow when my Beryl is able to get 25megs on the same internet connection.

Are you using 5GHz wifi? Can you try a different Ethernet cable? Just trying to eliminate possiblities …

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I was using 5ghz wifi for the tests. I was also getting that speed if I was connect to the lan port on the router. It just seemed like something was stopping it from going over 10megs no matter what. I hope it gets fixed out. I will order another one later one to see if the problem has been fixed but for now I will just keep using my Beryl.

It may be worthwhile to do a complete reset of the router …,. or even install an older firmware version.

Mine is on 4.0.0 Release 3 and it is really fast.

I did try new and older firmware. It came with 4.0.0 r3 but it was still the same. I was thinking maybe its a hardware problem being that it did it both on wifi as a repeater and with the wan port connection. Hope the next one I get works better.

If you test connect your pc to 5G wifi and at the same time, connect as repeater via 5G, what is the speed?

10Mpbs seems a wrong negociation number for Ethernet cable only. Should not have this on wifi.

There is a new firmware out, and the speed goes through the roof ! It’s a beta, but I don’t have any issues yet. Version number is 4.0.2 release1 GL.iNet download center
Good luck with that.