Slow speeds thru GL-AXT1800

When performing a speed test thru my home router in Thailand and my Wireguard Server Router in the US I get similar results. 89down 30up. Hardwired at both locations. When I connect my laptop to the Wireguard Client Router via ethernet I get 10down and 12up. I need to make it to at least 30down. I’ve read a few of the forums. I’m savvy but I have gotten lost in some verbiage. I can use some support with 1-2 step process on what to check and perform.

Try to change the MTU to see if it affects your speed.

Ok, I will try changing MTU and update the post! Thanks.

After changing MTU to 1384 it got a little better but 1280 hit the sweet spot of acceptability. Is there a MTU size you recommend not to go below?