Slow upload & download speed

Hello, my name is Kyle & I’ve been using your AXT-1800 device for a few months now. I am currently in the Philippines WFH with my USA job. I have noticed slow speeds since I got here when I use my home VPN connecting to Washington state. My download/upload speeds without the VPN are typically 200-600mbps and they drop to below 5mbps when my VPN is active. I am looking for help on how to troubleshoot this problem if it is possible. I don’t need much but the current speeds are not sufficient to perform my daily tasks at work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time

Hey :wave:

please refer to How to get support quickly to understand what details are needed. Make sure to read How to troubleshoot WireGuard as well, if you are using WireGuard.

Mostly, the speed drop will be because of poor connection and long latency between the Philippines and the US. To double-check this, you should switch to a more near VPN server and do a speed test.