Slow usb 3 transfer speeds on Slate AXT1800

Hi, i love my little Slate but one of the reasons for buying it was to use it on holiday and utilise the usb 3 port for photo/video backup.

So far its very disappointing, it works, but it is soooo slow. I am getting about15Mbs transfer speed from the 5g wifi from my iphone 14 to the usb drive. 1 minute of decent quality video takes 5 minutes to transfer to a usb 3 drive. I have tried 4 different usb 3 drives, including ssd, same result, very slow.

I also have a RAV Power travel hub, which is usb 2 and that is 5 times faster than the Slate using the same drives!
Any ideas out there?
Will this ever get sorted?

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