Slow wifi 5ghz

Encountering slow wifi in 5ghz - basically set as router mode but repeating wifi. im sitting next to the mt3000.
I had this issue with the flint after updating to 4.1.
my slate ax is doing double the speed at same distance.

router mt300 download = 121 Mbps
router slate ax download = 305 Mbps

Im using the latest firmware 4.1.2

Is anyone encountering that?
Wifi speed is fast if plugging ethernet to the mt3000 and connecting to its wifi.

I’m getting about 400mbps with the Beryl AX repeating to my Unifi 6 LR

is your mt3000 with ethernet and wifi repeating or not ethernet at all?

No Ethernet at all.

Adding additional text because character limit.

Mine can go my isp max 300mbps download
5g channel 149 80mhz and 160mhz wan connected to internet source

Try to minimise interference from other adjacent wireless routers/ap

You might also try using iperf3 (say between your computer and the MT3000) instead of a speedtest. Also counterintuitively, what happens if you move a bit further away from the MT3000?

jdub@compy ~ % iperf3 -c
Connecting to host, port 5201
[  5] local port 57610 connected to port 5201
[ ID] Interval           Transfer     Bitrate
[  5]   0.00-1.00   sec  26.7 MBytes   223 Mbits/sec
[  5]   1.00-2.00   sec  36.5 MBytes   306 Mbits/sec
[  5]   2.00-3.00   sec  38.1 MBytes   319 Mbits/sec
[  5]   3.00-4.00   sec  39.3 MBytes   330 Mbits/sec
[  5]   4.00-5.00   sec  41.8 MBytes   350 Mbits/sec
[  5]   5.00-6.00   sec  36.5 MBytes   307 Mbits/sec
[  5]   6.00-7.00   sec  37.5 MBytes   314 Mbits/sec
[  5]   7.00-8.00   sec  38.2 MBytes   321 Mbits/sec
[  5]   8.00-9.00   sec  37.9 MBytes   318 Mbits/sec
[  5]   9.00-10.00  sec  38.6 MBytes   324 Mbits/sec
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
[ ID] Interval           Transfer     Bitrate
[  5]   0.00-10.00  sec   371 MBytes   311 Mbits/sec                  sender
[  5]   0.00-10.03  sec   370 MBytes   310 Mbits/sec                  receiver

iperf Done.

with iperf3 the speeds are good - this is just within internal network which is supposed to be faster im guessing right? to answer your question - the speed remains about 150mbs (speedtest) if moving closer or further away…

the selected speedtest server is the closest one 17 miles away.
same server connecting to my slate ax router i get around 300’ish mbps

All other interferences are disconnected - only using main router and the MT3000

did you use a correct lan cable (beryl ax wan to ISP)? at least cat 5e

Yea with ethernet cable i get amazing speeds - its just when using it as plain repeater only with power cable connected.

I’ve had this beauty in my hands for an hour, so this is no kind of reliable observation. I updated to 4.1.2, the most recent beta.

In repeater mode, from my Lenovo Yoga 6 to the Beryl AX, the link speed is 1200/1200mpgs. From the Beryl AX to my Asus AX-88u (with 160wide enabled), the link speed is 286/286. This wisp link is lower than I expected. See the snip below from my Asus router, which shows much higher link speeds to several other devices (ignore the 6 RxRate–that bounces around to equal the TxRate). Only the Pixel is an AX device, I think.

My ISP is 200/35. Speedtest from the Yoga gives me 150/30. To my NAS, wired to the AX-88U, which generally saturates the wired 1gig connection, transfer speed to the Yoga again is 150.

Could you describe your problem and your network environment detailedly?

Yes, to clarify this. This is a standard wisp setup.

The ISP connection is 200/35. The main router is an Asus AX-88U with a 5G and 2.4G SSID. The Beryl AX is connected to the 5G SSID in repeater mode. The Yoga 6 has an AX 2x2 radio and connects to the Beryl AX 5G SSID.

The link rate between the Asus and the Beryl is under 300 mbps. Other devices connecting to the Asus have link rates that are much higher, but I think they are all AC devices other than the Pixel, so the Asus is in mixed AC/AX mode. The link rate between the Beryl and the Yoga is much higher, 1201/1201, so I think that is purely AX.

Speedtest in this configuration is 150/30. Downloading from the NAS to the Yoga is the same.

If I connect the Yoga directly to the Asus, the link is 1201/1201. Speedtest is 187/30 (which are the Cake QOS limits). Downloading from the NAS to the Yoga is around 350mbps.

So I expected the link rate between the Asus and the Beryl to be much higher. And the throughput to be closer to what the Yoga does directly (with the idea that even halved the throughput should be higher).

Please do this command.

iwconfig apclix0


  • received a replacement router and this one is good - wifi repeater speed matches my slate ax. I guess some hardware issue with previous - had same experience with flint and replacement also “fixed” the speed

This is wifi repeater speed now with new replacement router mt3000

Interesting. This reports a full 1201 link rate, while the router is still reporting something under 300. Still have the more limited throughput.

root@GL-MT3000:~# iwconfig apclix0
apclix0 IEEE 802.11ax ESSID:“Lorimer-N5”
Mode:Managed Channel:40 Access Point: 50:EB:F6:35:33:54
Bit Rate:1.201 Gb/s
Link Quality=100/0 Signal level:-37 dBm Noise level:-44 dBm
Rx invalid nwid:0 invalid crypt:0 invalid misc:0

Thanks. We’ll buy a Asus AX-88U to test soon.

Having same issue when compared to AXT1800 travel router. AXT1800 and MT3000 are both connected to AX1800 over 5GHz about 4ft away and the travel routers are 2ft apart.

Speed test being performed over Win 11 pro laptop with Killer(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i 160MHz Wireless Network Adapter

AX1800 speedtest over 5ghz

AXT1800 speedtest connected to AX1800 over 5ghz

MT3000 speedtest connected to AX1800 over 5ghz

MT3000 speeds are almost half of the AXT1800 when connected to the same network wirelessly

Yep - i had to get a replacement- some hardware issue it seems. Replacement is all good.

Who did you have to contact to get replacement test device?

contact one of the admins here or the marketing team and tell them your issue.

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