SMS forwarding encoding issue

Hi on the gl-x750 , i receive an sms with UCS2 encoding, when i enabled SMS forwarding to email, i receive only the email without the sms content. Any ways to solve this?

from /etc/spool/sms/storage , this is what it looks like.

From: xxxxxx
From_TOA: D0 alphanumeric, unknown
From_SMSC: xxxxxxxx
Sent: xxxxxxx 14:19:33
Received: xxxxxx 07:19:34
Subject: GMS99
Modem: GMS99
IMSI: xxxxx
IMEI: xxxxxxx
Report: yes
Alphabet: UCS2
Length: 43

I xxxx @#+1*’2!"1


Hello, what version is your firmware, can you provide the information on the configuration page, you can hide the details. I’ll check if it’s an email problem or a bug

Hi lincoln,

firmware version as below:

Current Version 3.211
Compile Time 2022-01-19 10:59:27

The sms message can be seen on the x750 gui . its just that in the forwarded email , there is no sms content.



i solved the issue, my bad, its actually on my email server side. i set default_charset = ‘utf-8’ on email server and the characters can be seen. No issue from gl-x750.


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