SMS forwarding without using 4G

Hi there!
First of all thank you guys for the best router and firmware support.
I just found a great new SMS forwarding feature in the last firmware.
Is it possible to use SMS to email forwarding, but use Ethernet/other for the internet connection (do not use 3/4G from simcard). On GL-AR750s?

This would be a great option to securely hold 2step verification simcard there, and to not bother about any phone security :slight_smile:

The answer is yes.

Here is how it works:

You can forward SMS via email. As long as the device has Internet it can forward SMS via email. For example for the modem, you even do not need to enable data, you can just plug the SIM card and use it to receive message then use WAN cable connection to forward SMS.

I am doing it for my friend and it works good for months.

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Thanks, this is awesome. Now I know what to do this weekend :smile: