SMS Forwarding

Hi there,

I was reading the doco at SMS Forward - GL.iNet Docs and it looks like SMS Forwarding is about to be a reality (something I would love to use). I note its in 3.105+

Is there any way I could get beta firmware at this level for the X750 and E750?

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let me ask guys to post beta firmware.


Here is the beta firmware for X750. I will test and release E750 firmware later.

My configuration:

There have some changes with the UI but not big differences, you can still follow the guide to complete the settings.

If the router couldn’t receive the messages you can try a reboot.


Thanks @Riho-shuu and @alzhao
Ill get testing now :slight_smile:

Here is the testing firmware for E750.

Hi guys,

would you have a bet a firmware for GL-AR750S?
That would be really cool!

AR750S does not have a modem.

It will not work with external USB modems.