Snapshots history

Hello, today’s doesn’t even load the admin interface… is anyone testing before uploading?

Is it possible to list at least previous 7 days snapshots?

As of now my only option is uboot 4.4.6 … which doesn’t like 4.5 configs…

And why running snapshots? Because, my 1800 and 3000 still aren’t running smoothly on release versions…

Thank you!

Snapshots are development only images. They are mostly created automatically during code commit - so before any checks are done.

Snapshots (or „nightly“) are mostly broken, don’t use them if you aren’t an developer.

They contain the current content (aka. snapshot) of the code. That’s why they are called snapshots and the reason why they are not really usable.

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Like @admon said. Snapshots will probably contain half baked features. Which might not only open the possibility to brick your device it will probably not contain a fix for your stability issues.

As we do not have access to see which features are in which snapshot, I recommend that instead of waiting for it to be fixed, we provide GL-iNet with some proper data. Logs, tests, graphs. Which will help them to notice the issues, pin point the bugs and provide a quicker resolution.

I 've ordered the Flint 2 and will probably do the same when it arrives.