SoftEther version incompatible with openssl (SFT1200 3.216)

The package softethervpn 4.25-9656-1 for Opal (SFT1200 firmware 3.216) is incompatible with the openssl version OpenSSL 1.1.1i:

root@GL-SFT1200:~# service softethervpnclient start
-- Alert: RsaCheck() --
OpenSSL Library Init Failed. (too old?)
Please install the latest version of OpenSSL

It is due to SoftEther trying to create RSA test keys of 128bits with a hardened OpenSSL supporting only 1024bits minimum. SoftEther developers fixed in with this pr /SoftEtherVPN/pull/481).
According to the changelog, SoftEther VPN 4.34 Build 9745 RTM should be the most compatible version for current OpenSSL lib version (1.1.1l) shipped with v18.06.5.

already upload softether vpn 4.34 to plugins , pls try