[solved] 4.0b4 - WiFi settings not allowed over WiFi

changes are blocked to either of the radios if client station attached to slate via WiFi

browser - chrome Version 101.0.4951.64 (Official Build)
client - Win10, Intel AX210

Does the (Modify) button not work? I can’t change the 2.4GHz channel when it’s associated, but the rest of the parameters can be adjusted … just tried it from my tablet with the Slate in repeater mode.

for me its working from wifi for using the modify button and saving.

But I did noticed if I saved the 2.4 ghz network once the save button is barely visible and the scrollbar hide it, do you mean this?

Im using beta4
Device Pocco x3 NFC with brave

Maybe you should upgrade to the latest Beta 8 to give it a try.
I have no issue on beta 8 so far.

FW: ATX1800 beta 8
Device: Google Pixel 4 XL
Browser: Chrome (v.101.0.4951.61)

The modify button wasn’t “clickable” - moved to another machine and it was fine - so local browser issue…