[SOLVED] Dual router setup - Accessing GL-iNet web UI

Hello everyone,

Currently, I have two routers set up at my place. The first router (“router 1”) was provided by my ISP and the second router (“router 2”) is a Beryl router that I added myself. I’ve connected the two routers using a LAN port on router 1 and the WAN port on router 2.

Each router has its own SSID and I can access the internet from both Wi-Fi connections. I set up this arrangement so that I can have different firewall rules and configurations for each Wi-Fi network.

I can access the admin UI page for both routers when connected to the Wi-Fi network from router 2.
The issue I’m experiencing is that I can’t access the admin UI page for router 2 when connected to the Wi-Fi network from router 1.

Can you suggest what I should do to be able to access the admin UI pages for both routers ( and from the Wi-Fi network connected to router 1?

Thank you!

Couple of technical infos

Router 1 config:
internal IP:
DHCP from to 199
Gateway: 10.aaa.bbb.ccc
External IP: 14.ddd.eee.fff

Router 2 config:
Static IP assigned from Router 1: (but I can either access the admin console from this or
DHCP from to 299
external IP: same as Router 1 - 14.ddd.eee.fff

You have to open the firewall on router 2 (Beryl) because it is blocking traffic through the WAN from router 1 (ISP) and not blocking traffic through the LAN to router 1 (ISP):

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Thanks a lot, that’s really helpful.

I had a good read at the other similar link, I just want to confirm if the solution could work in my use case:

My Beryl will be actually use for my IoT devices and will be blocked from the internet and other devices on my main router.

I have already applied those firewall rules to isolate the network on my Beryl.

PERMIT src: dst:
DENY src: dst:
PERMIT src: dst:

Does it mean I need to open port 80 ?
Isn’t too risky to do that ? Or even would it keep the Beryl devices isolate ?

Thanks !

If I understand your setup correctly, then setting up Port Forwarding from WAN TCP Port 80 to LAN IP TCP Port 80 would only affect Beryl traffic going from WAN to LAN, not from LAN to WAN. The firewall rules you applied are only for LAN to WAN traffic because the sources are all from the LAN.

Just in case, you can easily disable or delete the port forwarding rules.

Thanks @wcs2228 - It works ! I can now access from my main router WiFi (not sure why I still cannot access but both are the same anyway)

Rule applied: