[SOLVED] GL-ARM300 bricked uboot refused connection

Hello everyone,

I uploaded the wrong firmware by mistake using the NAND instead of a NOR firmware for a ARM300M16-ext

  1. Reset to factory holding the reset button 10s doesn’t work
  2. Launching uboot sequence works, but when I try to connect to it get me “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” (laptop ip:; with only one cable connected; LED sequence, red led blink 5 time then green led and red led steady with middle one off)

What can I do to unbrick the device?


Try again.

When entering uboot one led flashes very fast. Cannot remember which one.

Follow the steps exactly,
Connect cable first before powering on

Also check the exact url to make sure the browser didn’t change it by cache

Hi Alzhao,

Thanks for the help, adding the index.html at the end worked. I guess it had a bad cache or something
I managed to recover the device