[Solved] OpenVPN Setup failing


I have an AR150 Mini router(updated to Firmware 2.27) here.

I try to set up OpenVPN. When I upload a config-package(as tar.gz)
via web interface, it says “config imported” (See screenshot)

  • When I afterwards enable the imported config and click “apply” in Webinterface OpenVPN-Client Section, I get this error message: “Can not load certificate file keys/inline.crt”

  • When I examine the File System on the router via ssh, the ovpn-config file is placed correctly into

  • But my keys/certificates within the keys subfolder of the config-package are not copied to /etc/openvpn. They are located in /tmp/ovpn_upload. So the issue is clear: OpenVPN does not have the key in the correct place.

Is this a bug in the firmware, or should I package the openvpn-config in a different way?

Thanks for any help.

When I copy the keys manually in place and put a wrapper shell script in front of /usr/sbin/openvpn which changes the working directory before starting the openvpn daemon to /etc/openvpn, it works. So basically the config files and keys are ok.

At first I want to note that my files are called “inline”.crt .key … That’s because my company has the part “inline” in it’s name.

I googled a solution that shows a working single-file configuration:

Now I put CA,Key,Cert directly into the file and it works immediately.

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Thanks very much for sharing