(solved) Tor does not connect when a non-random exit node is selected (3.100)

when activating Tor while selecting the default “Random” exit node country everything works fine.
but when picking ANY exit node country it simply does not complete the connection process (stuck at “…50% Loading relay descriptors”)
I am mostly interested at USA exit nodes, but have tested and failed MANY other countries.
also - I tested and confirmed this behavior on 4 different devices (AR750 / AR750s).


I noticed tor-geoip was not installed. give it try?

update: I installed tor-geoip and selected argentina and got 100% circuit and did dnsleaktest.com and showed dns coming out of argentina and chile. ar750 3.1

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thank you so much @rp201rp !!

installed and verified the workaround both on AR750s and MT300A (although latter was tight on space)

DEVELOPERS ( @alzhao ? ) - I would recommend doing any of the following 3 things (sorted by order of preference and ease of use) :

  1. include tor-geoip in the next official 3.1xx build
  2. if tor-geoip is not installed show a notice that it needs to be installed when any exit node is selected other than “random”
  3. show a fixed comment in the UI close to the exit node selection drop down so people will realize they need to first install it (with possibly a clickable link to install it?)

kudos for making Tor easily accessible and used!

np if you look at your logs it also uses ipv6 now . not great with tor but also not sure if some anonymity is lost. just speculating. {pro chimes in here}

This will be fixed asap.