Some devices unable to connect to XE300 - Puli

Hello, I am having some connectivity issues with the XE300. Certain devices will not load the Puli admin web page. All attempts to load the page time out with no response from the Puli. The devices can connect and authenticate to wifi and wired and successfully navigate the DHCP process but all attempts to initiate connection with the modem time out, including web requests and ping.

The devices that have been unable to connect are a Pixel 5a phone (Google Chrome browser) and a laptop running native Linux (Firefox browser).

Whereas, several Windows laptops, a Macbook and an iPhone (using Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox) have been able to connect with no issues. Is there any insight to offer on this problem? Thank you.

First, upgrade to 3.215 beta4

Then check your device (i.e. Pixel 5a) to see if they have vpn enabled. If yes then when vpn connected you cannot open the web panel of the router.