Something unusual - sharing my starlink connection

Hi all,

I have been successful getting Opennds (captive portal) installed on the SlateAX1800 :slight_smile:

However… What I would like to do in the next step is to have my Starlink connection coming into the WAN port on the Slate (I have this working as well, by modifying Starlink to run without the normal router and using 12-48v POE injection), AND THEN using one of the LAN ports to rebroadcast the captured clients back out to another antenna (using a Ubiquiti bullet and an antenna) so that I can share my internet with my friends when we are way out in the Australian bush.

Is there a way to configure one of the LAN ports as a guest (and therefore forcing it onto the wireless guest network, where the captive portal will collect them up and connect to the WAN port)? Obviously I am using OpenWrt for the OS on the router.

If I have to lose both LAN ports that would be disappointing but not the end of the world.

I have been trying for a few days and I have a serious concern for my remaining hair. :slight_smile:

Any pointers VERY much appreciated. :+1:


Do you have to use a wired connection? Is it possible through WIFI? The slate supports guest WIFI, which you can open directly from the WIFI Settings page.

Thanks for the response.

I am aware of the guest wifi network, but I am travelling in a caravan and unfortunately the wifi signal is therefore limited out to the wider camp area. I do have an external antenna and a Ubiquiti bullet that I can connect outside the van which as a boosted signal would take the area from about 10m from the caravan to 350+m and make it useable by a wider group. Many of our bush camps only have small clearings so the group gets very spread out (which can sometimes be a good thing as I don’t necessarily want everyone always coming to my van ALL the time, just to get a signal).

What I need is for one of the ethernet ports to be converted to the guest network so I can get the whole setup complete. I am trying to use the luci interface to set it up, but I am a networking numpty (no experience) so I am hopeful for some advice.


Just found this video. Looks like what I need. OpenWRT - Setup Guest LAN - YouTube


This is how to do it if you need. Clearly explained and good pace.

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