Source code for GL firmware and packages

I remember back in September 2023, there was a discussion online about GL’s firmware source code and the possibility of it to becoming a closed source.

If it is still an open source, can anyone points me to the source code of GL packages, and openwrt firmware ?

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Everything can be found here

However for the more bigger source/firmware “the infra builder” its set to private from what i understand its due the difference with global firmware and chinese firmware which is locked, as avoidance people using this builder to jail break their router its being privated.

Though drivers and some other things like a direct fork of OpenWrt are still visible, also a older image builder for normal openwrt i believe :wink:

As far as i know packages were not intended to be open source if they belonged to GL sdk they often are pre compiled in these repos.

Also for the flint 1, there should also be a fork of openwifi, openwifi itself is also a fork of OpenWrt but with working drivers for flint 1 :slight_smile: so if it was related to your questions, you could check the commit history there aswell for interest :+1:

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Thanks for the replay! I was looking however for the source code of few GL packages , which I had not found on the GL’s GitHub repositories.

Most of the packages that they modify can be found in this repo. But not all of their packages are open source, even though some of them should be, since they contain modified files from packages that use the GPL v2 license.

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@blackbox thanks, that’s really helped !


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I don’t understand your replay?! I was looking for the source code for gl packages for editing and recompiling.

Thanks anyway!

Soon you should officially be able to pull directly fr OWRT. I figured you’d want to know.

Clarify please ? Pull what ? GL packages source code ? From which repository?

We’ll have to wait & see… when it happens, it happens.

Since the CN authorities are very harsh I would not think that there will be any source codes of GL stuff soon.

Now that’s an interesting question. I’ve seen lots of GitHub repos fr individual CN devs but don’t recall one fr a CN company. I wonder what would happen if GL when full on F/LOSS & dropped the closed sourced, third party SDKs? Beyond that it strikes me the GUI & various control/setup scripts aren’t necessarily applicable to CPC regulation.

A question for another day perhaps.

Hi, currently the source code of our GL package used for editing and recompiling is closed source.