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Hi there,

first of all, sorry about my english but it’s not my native language :wink:

Could the specialists of you answer me the following question please ?

I would like to build a mobile AP with an USB-Storage, that will be automatically synchronised, if another wifi is reachable. Is this possible e.g. with an ar150 ?

In detail:

e.g. i have an ar150 with an attached USB-Storage an this unit builds wifi1. If the ar150 is in the near of wifi2, the ar150 logs in wifi2 as client an start synchronising the USB-Storage against a NAS in wifi2 (data on nas are “master”). There only will be a “data-flow” from NAS to USB-Storage.

If this is possible, what do i need (software, hardware).

Any help on this will be perfect.

Thank you in advance.

BR test01

I’m one step further. If i connect to wifi A, the USB-Storage connected to the ar150 is farther active and connectable. Now, i need help with rsync please. The open task is:

  • when wifi A is in range, the ar150 have to mount the share of the NAS and then start to synchronize one directory with subdirectories. Unfortunately i’m not very familiar with linux :frowning:

Thank you very much

You can connect one router as WISP client to another router. So when they are near the router will be connected.

But the real problem is that how to sync your USB disks. This could be very very difficult. But it could also be simpler if your requirement simple.

There is a package rsync in openwrt and you can just install using opkg.

check this post as well. OpenWRT, rsync, and linux love | Dan Collis-Puro