Speed problem AR 750 S as a repeater

Hi all
I am having considerable speed problem with my slate. It is connected wirelessly to my home router. In turn devices connected wirelessly to the AR 750S only get 5Mb download speed.
Devices connected directed wirelessly to the home router get 50 Mb download speed.

Please let me know if I should post any information

are you repeating via 2.4G wifi or 5G wifi?

FWIW my Slate gives me > 20Mbit/sec performance as a repeater (provided the hotel’s speed is that good of course). Since you’re home, I’m assuming you’re using encryption on your Home’s AP? Maybe that’s the issue (that the Slate can’t perform as well with the encryption on)?

Hi all
I am now for the first time with my router in a hotel
I can’t find a guide to explain how to connect to the captive WiFi of the hotel
I found something about copying MAC addresses, which I did from my phone to the router but to no avail.
I don’t get internet connection with the AR750S
Can someone help?

So this is a separate issue. Basically you are trying to setup a WISP repeater. Here are the directions using the V2 firmware:

You will have to look for the V3 version documents.

Are connected via WDS or WISP?

You can set it up as follow.

  1. Connect GL-AR750S to the hotel AP.
  2. Disable dns rebind protection on MORE SETTINGS → Custom DNS.
  3. Disable all VPN if you run VPN client.
  4. Connect your mobile phone to GL-AR750S, and open the browser, it will pop up the captive portal page.

It should work.