Speed test failed using Google WiFi


I just got my GL-E750. Everything works great. I connected the router to my Google Home Wifi through the ethernet port. When I try to do a speed from my Google Home wifi, the test always fails. In some cases, the Google app reports the download and upload speeds are 0.

So I guess the Google Home Wifi cannot access the test server through the router. I check the firewall settings and I am not blocking anything.

How to fix this issue?


Are you using the ethernet port as LAN or WAN?

Are you able to run a speed test on www.speedtest.net?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Yes, I can run tests on speedtest.net. If I search “speed test” on Google, it pops up a tool and it works as well.

I think the issue is not with my Internet access in general, but what server Google Home is trying to access when it doing the speed test.

My Google Home was able to run the speed test when connecting to other routers, and I don’t think my mobile network provider would block whatever server the Google Home tried to use for speed testing.

My router is providing the Internet access, so I use the ethernet port as LAN.

It may relate to mtu.

Are you able to change mtu in E750 modem settings?

You can change in Luci.

I changed to another mobile provider and the speed on Google Home just works. I don’t want to switch back to do the test. Thanks

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