Speed up Slate 750s boot time


I am using a Slate 750s in the openWRT configuration - Running Luci-Proto-Relay and RelayD. My boot up time
Is right around 2 minutes until I can ping a device on the network. Is there anyway to speed this up?

Thank you!

Don’t switch it off so you have connectivity 24/7

No idea why I didn’t think of that SMDH.

But for reals. I’m using these devices on cameras where we power down from time to time - totally unpredictable and the camera boots up much faster than the slate does. I’m
Using the slate as a wireless bridge to control
The cameras so it would be nice to speed up the boot time, like I had originally asked.

What is the default boot time if you do not set up relay?

Can you let me know why you use relayd? Setting up extender? You could do this from the UI directly.

@alzhao I am using the slate as a wireless bridge: slate lives on a camera with an IP of 10.10.1.X. I use ethernet from the slate to the camera. I use the 2.4GHz radio to join my mesh network; Ruckus R710’s so I can wirelessly control the camera’s. Extender mode does not allow the slates to traverse mesh points when I initially looked into this a while back. Maybe that has changed, but this is a crucial thing for me as I have 1 main mode and 2 mesh points. I need the slate/camera to be accessible without being locked to an SSID via mac.
If you know of a better way to do this, please let me know.

Also, I do not think using RelayD or Luci-Proto-Relay slows down the boot process.

I do recall that in the Gl.Inet interface, there are options for disabling services upon boot, which I played around with an certainly helped the slate boot faster - so I’m wondering if this is like compiling your own linux kernel with only exactly what you need so it boots fast?

In the router’s default UI, go to more settings->network mode and set up extender.

The router use relayd for extender actually.