Speedify on Flint GL-AX1800 ? Starlink and USB Modem

I love this router since its so versatile. Was wondering if there is a possibility of using the USB Modem in conjunction with the WAN port connected to my Starlink.

This way any interruption in Starlink would be picked up by the USB modem. I see Speedify runs on lots of platforms. Any possibility of porting it to the FLINT ?

OpenWRT has mwan3 and you can use luci-app-mwan3 to modify it easily in LuCi.

I just checked and see that Mwan3 is already installed. Where would I look ffor this setup in LUCI? Is it in the Add New Interface?

The luci-app-mwan3 package has to be installed also to get the LuCI → Network → Load Balancing page.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Wow, Thanks. its that easy? I knew I love this router for a reason.
Can this only load balance the USB modem? Or can I load balance another ISP coming in to one of the other switch ports as well?

It is possible, but not so easy:

Currently, if you have USB modem and WAN connection at the same time, the router already does failover from WAN to USB modem.

Speedify is another software package and I am not sure about it.

OpenMPTCProuter can be a good solution, it is based on OpenWRT.