Speedify on Flint GL-AX1800 ? Starlink and USB Modem

I love this router since its so versatile. Was wondering if there is a possibility of using the USB Modem in conjunction with the WAN port connected to my Starlink.

This way any interruption in Starlink would be picked up by the USB modem. I see Speedify runs on lots of platforms. Any possibility of porting it to the FLINT ?

OpenWRT has mwan3 and you can use luci-app-mwan3 to modify it easily in LuCi.

I just checked and see that Mwan3 is already installed. Where would I look ffor this setup in LUCI? Is it in the Add New Interface?

The luci-app-mwan3 package has to be installed also to get the LuCI β†’ Network β†’ Load Balancing page.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Wow, Thanks. its that easy? I knew I love this router for a reason.
Can this only load balance the USB modem? Or can I load balance another ISP coming in to one of the other switch ports as well?

It is possible, but not so easy:

Currently, if you have USB modem and WAN connection at the same time, the router already does failover from WAN to USB modem.

Speedify is another software package and I am not sure about it.

OpenMPTCProuter can be a good solution, it is based on OpenWRT.

@Chuckster Flint test build added at SmoothWAN
Both Flint and Slate AX are compatible with Speedify as they use the same SoC.
Currently working well with the Flint as confirmed by one user, but I need a report of the proper order of the ports as I don’t have the hardware. E.g LAN1 port 1, other 3 as WANs.

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