Speedtest from Router

yes, as @wcs2228 said, this program is not compiled for this router and it does not run.

So, today I’m at home and have a little time with my beryl (should be the same architecture as Opal … But since we’re installing via OpenWRT package manager, this should not be important).

  1. Open the Luci webfonend:
    Login on the GL.iNet Frontend - On the left hand menu go to 'More settings - Advanced'
    If there is no Link, click on the Button (Install), else click on the link.
  2. Login at the Luci frontend. User ‘admin’, use the previous password.
  3. On the Top Menu go to System - Software and on the first search field search for netperf
  4. Behind speedtest-netperf click on the button Install
  5. READ the dialogs!
    At the end close the dialog with ‘Dismiss’ down right.

Now login via ssh and type speedtest-netperf.sh → a lot of information.

Since you have now also netperf installed, you can try other scripts. Like betterspeedtest.sh Link or write a whole own script with defined/desired output.

Edit: Just write a little nicer.