Spitz 3000AX Easiest VPN to setup for Direct TV Stream

I am up in Canada and want an easy setup vpn provider so I can watch my local sports through DTV Stream. This is all new to me...HELP!


do you have VPN server or subscribe a VPN provider?

No, I do not. That is why I am asking.

You need to choose a VPN provider that fits your needs.
Nobody can help you with that.

So start googling "vpn + [whatever you want to watch]" and read what people write about it. :wink:
Or you give some service like mullvad.net a try.

if you are only there temporarily, you can set up a Wireguard VPN server at your place or with your family, for example on a GL router, and then you will be able to connect to it and leave it with your home IP, without a monthly VPN subscription fee

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Not sure how to do this while in another location. Don't know my I.P. back home.

If you are not at your home right now it will be hard. You will need DDNS: Dynamic DNS - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

you can order a GL.iNet router, configure it at your place and then send it home or to your family and tell them to connect it to the LAN port on the main router and turn it on, there is always an option, unless there is no one or someone is very non-technical.

ps. you don't have to know your home IP, DDNS is enough as @admon mentioned in the post above

I was able to load the config file into my router, but won't connect. I was told my service credentials are unique to what gl-inet assigned, not my own personal credentials. So where do I enter those credentials?