Spitz 4G module that work with Verizon 4G LTE


I just got a US verizon 4G LTE data plan and have my sim card already.
I didn’t get the vendor recommend 4G CPE model since there is no LAN ports.

After look around, I am interested to get GL-X750 4G router. I have two following choices of 4G Module.


Question: I don’t understand which module I should pick ?
From reading R3, look like if I cat CAT6 the the download speed is much faster then CAT4 ?

CAT4 EC25-AF 4G North America
or CAT6 EP06-A 4G North America

R1: Verizon Open Development | module
R2: Verizon Open Development | module
R3: Know your 4G: The different types of LTE explained - CNET

Also I don’t see Verizon is listed as supported carrier

For Verizon you need to have a SIM card that has been activated. Our device cannot be used to activate Verizon SIM card.

So EC25-AFFA should work.

Note, Verizon always have strict rules to use their network and we don’t support that officially.

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Hi @alzhao
Thanks for the quick reply. I am impressed by your company’s support.
I am looking for a 4G LTE router and your product is my 1st choice after I see your github and plenty support doc and this forum.

I will try out X750-AFFA


I now have Verizon’s Jetpack(MiFi 6620L) with SIM card enabled and working at 2-3 bars singal strength.

Hoping this X750-AFFA can improve the 4G LTE signal and reliability.

Hi tjyang,

How was the test with the unit X750-AFFA?


@cblancoz. Sorry, I didn’t proceed with the X750-AFFA test.