Spitz 5g load balance

Hello all,

I was wondering if it's possible in load balance mode, I can choose a specific application from my pc to route to specific interface to the internet.

If not, any plans for implementation on the future?

This won't be possible because the Spitz does not know about each application on your device.

I could assign ports to it, and depending on the application, it will act accordingly. Just like Mikrotik does...

But what is the goal and why?

I have 1 pc with xdsl modem but the speeds are not high.

I would like for example the torrent app to use my 5G connection for high speeds and when I play games to use my xdsl modem for low latency ...

If you do torrent and games on the same pc, you have to solve this problem in your pc.

What do you mean by that?

How someone can solve this in the pc?

One dumb question, should you stop torrent when playing games in your computer?

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For now I don't use torrent when I play. I think in the future will be the same