Spitz 750 - Verizon Slow Speeds

I’m currently experiencing slow Verizon speeds with multiple SIM cards across multiple Spitz routers. I assume that can’t be coincidence.

I can think of a number of things it could be (band, service, carrier settings, etc.). Are there any tests I can run to verify?

Thoughts? I’ve tried the below with no success.


Have you tried locking to different bands?

Most of the time for me, Band 66 is the fastest with Visible(Verizon) but you test the different bands by you.

Do you have a limitation of your SIM?

I had a sim from Verizon and it is limited to 0.5 Mpbs and no way to overcome that.

Good to know – will try that now.

I don’t think so? That being said, I may as well pop over to Verizon and confirm.

Verizon may not help on this. The SIM I used works just fine in smartphone and only get 0.5Mbps on routers. I didn’t all what I can do including changing TTL and IMEI.

As the router is not Verizon certified and they will not do anything to help. On the contrary they will ask you not to use on a uncertified device.

So yes - Verizon was limiting the SIM. Originally, they registered it in store with a tablet they had. I think they eventually (a whole year later) must have changed something. I had to upgrade my plan so that “hot spotting” was not throttled at 600 kbps.