Spitz AX 5G router cellular settings

I have manual set up some settings and saved, but somehow after reboot or not, the cellular is working with visible sim, however I don’t know which setting is doing the magic.

How can I know what’s the current settings? When I clicked on manual setup, it didn’t show current settings.

one side note: I tried lots of settings with same APN, but most of them get the celllular light on for 5 seconds, then off, no internet. I even try to send email to support to ask how to force 4g mode, like use AT+QCFG=… but all in a sudden, I switched sim to from #1 to #2 and then #1, and somehow it works. Now, I just want to know what’s my current settings for this working case.


The VSBLINTERNET APN is only for the old, original Visible plans/sims. It’s my understanding that Visible has recently been actively moving people to the new plans/sims which use the VZWINTERNET APN. I have the new Visible sim and my X3000 works great using the VZWINTERNET APN.

On side note, with my Visible sim in slot 1 and a Tello (T-Mobile MVNO) in slot 2 I have issues when I switch back to slot 1 from slot 2. The APN info will be incorrect for Visible and I need to manually select the saved “Verizon” setting to get the Visible sim back online. To clarify, the only time the Visible sim does not automatically connect is when switching back from the sim in slot 2.