Spitz AX (GL-X3000) and Puli AX (GL-XE3000) Firmwares

Hi All,

I own both the Spitz AX and the Puli AX. I was assuming the Puli AX was basically the same as the Spitz AX, except it has the battery inside of it. However, the latest firmware for the Spitz AX is 4.4.6 (2024-01-22), but the latest firmware for the Puli AX is the older 4.4.4 (2023-12-08). Can anyone explain why? Thanks in advance.


You answered your own question. I’m sure there is code needed to handle the battery in the Puli that is not needed in the Spitz thus different firmware.

That said, and I’m no developer, but one might think that the additional code in the Puli for the battery could be commented out in the Spitz firmware thus both models using the “same” firmware.


Since the bulk of the operations are separate from the BMS of the Puli AX, one would think they would have firmware releases relatively close to each other since I would assume BMS portion could be “commented out.” But you’re correct.