Spitz AX (GL-X3000) External Antenna plug placement

I am installing The Mobilemark https://www.mobilemark.com/product/ltmg942-4xlte-2xwifi-gnss/
antenna in my RV. I realize this has a GPS lead that will not get used I think. The documentation does not explain external antenna placement. I am new to cell routers. The two side ports are marked (main) and div/gnss. I assume the 4 antenna wires that come from the new antenna that are in two sets are placed like the following. Correct me if I am wrong. One set goes to the (mimo 1 and main) second set goes to (mimo 2 and Div/gnass). Is this correct?

You just need to connect 4 LTE antennas to the SpitzAX cellular connectors and two WIFI antennas to the SpitzAX WIFI connectors, DIV/DNSS connector will receive both Cellular and GPS signal at the same time.

This Mobilemark antenna only support LTE frequencies (700M~3.7GHz), while 5GNR requires more wide range frequencies (600~6GHz). You may not enjoy the 5GNR high speed with this antenna at some area. We tested in Chicago that ATT use NSA mode with Band 66 (2110 – 2200 MHz) and Band 77 (3300– 4200 MHz)

We will receive a new antenna LTMW942-A3CB3CW3J00 from Mobilemark next week which supports 5GNR frequencies and will arrange some performance test. Expect this one is suitable for SpitzAX.

Thanks for the quick reply. Appreaciate it.

I ordered the LTMWG 942 7-1. I put the wrong link in. The G at the end will not be used as the Spritz does not have a GPS or Glonas input then. I attached the wrong link. Below is what I ordered. I am mounting it to an Alum Airstream trailer so no ground plane needed.

The confusion for a noobie is the end/side connectors are not marked cellular and there is no documentation saying so. At least from a laymans perspective. You can see that 5g screw on antennas are provided but then marked with main and div/glonas. Having a glonas antenna in the Moblemark would tell me to use that one there and not one of the cellular antennas.