Spitz AX (GL-X3000) External Antenna plug placement

I am installing The Mobilemark https://www.mobilemark.com/product/ltmg942-4xlte-2xwifi-gnss/
antenna in my RV. I realize this has a GPS lead that will not get used I think. The documentation does not explain external antenna placement. I am new to cell routers. The two side ports are marked (main) and div/gnss. I assume the 4 antenna wires that come from the new antenna that are in two sets are placed like the following. Correct me if I am wrong. One set goes to the (mimo 1 and main) second set goes to (mimo 2 and Div/gnass). Is this correct?

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You just need to connect 4 LTE antennas to the SpitzAX cellular connectors and two WIFI antennas to the SpitzAX WIFI connectors, DIV/DNSS connector will receive both Cellular and GPS signal at the same time.

This Mobilemark antenna only support LTE frequencies (700M~3.7GHz), while 5GNR requires more wide range frequencies (600~6GHz). You may not enjoy the 5GNR high speed with this antenna at some area. We tested in Chicago that ATT use NSA mode with Band 66 (2110 – 2200 MHz) and Band 77 (3300– 4200 MHz)

We will receive a new antenna LTMW942-A3CB3CW3J00 from Mobilemark next week which supports 5GNR frequencies and will arrange some performance test. Expect this one is suitable for SpitzAX.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Appreaciate it.

I ordered the LTMWG 942 7-1. I put the wrong link in. The G at the end will not be used as the Spritz does not have a GPS or Glonas input then. I attached the wrong link. Below is what I ordered. I am mounting it to an Alum Airstream trailer so no ground plane needed.

The confusion for a noobie is the end/side connectors are not marked cellular and there is no documentation saying so. At least from a laymans perspective. You can see that 5g screw on antennas are provided but then marked with main and div/glonas. Having a glonas antenna in the Moblemark would tell me to use that one there and not one of the cellular antennas.

I believe we have the same question, maybe I can ask it more clearly -

Does it matter which LTE antenna cables I plug in to the Main, MIMO 1, MIMO 2, DIV antenna ports on the router? For example, should the “MIMO1” port be a specific antenna wire?

Does it matter which WIFI antenna cables I plug in? (WIFI1, WIFI2)

FWIW, I have the Mobility 42g (https://www.amazon.com/Peplink-Mobility-Cellular-Receiver-ANT-MB-42G-S-B-6/dp/B097P5ZHSC?th=1)

jayswain- It does not matter on either LTE or the wifi. I moved them to either terminals when my RV was parked remotly and there is no change in signal quality or wifi connectivity.
I had friends with a T-Mobile phone. They had no data and no bars. I had full signal strength and sent data over the wifi using T-mobile using my antenna.
Hook it up how ever the cables are easier to connect.

Are you 100% sure (sorry to question you)? I saw some manufacturers of antennas (such as mine) write that certain cells should be paired in certain scenarios.
So, an official answer from gl.inet support would really be helpful to make sure we can utilise the hardware to the fullest extent. @Tim-Zhang maybe you can help?


For 5GNR modem, requires each antenna supporting 600M~6GHz, and there is no difference/sequence among the antennas.

Using the Mobility 42g, Could I leave one wifi antenna on the router connected while connecting one of the 42g wifi connectors and have wifi signal inside and outside or do you believe the 42g wifi will be strong enough to penetrate through the vans roof?

You can try two outside WIFI antennas and check if WIFI signal can penetrate the vans roof.
If not, using one outside WIFI antenna and one inside WIFI antenna is OK.

The wifi penetrates my all metal Airstream from the outside perfectly. Hook up the outside antennas. their allot better than the screw on ones.

I connected the antenna today. Ran a speed test before the antenna and after. After my speed was cut to 1/4 the speed of the test I ran before. Anything in the router that I need to set up?

Firstly, we need to check the problem is caused by Cellular signal receiving or WIFI receiving.

Please keep the original paddle WIFI antennas, only change the 4 Cellular antennas with Mobility 42g, to check the speed is improved or dropped. If the speed is dropped, the problem is on the Dome antenna or RF cables.

If the speed is improved, then change the WiFi antennas with the Dome antenna, and compare the speed to find where is the problem.

Sometimes this kind of problems are caused by wrong SMA connectors. e.g. if you connect a RP-SMA (f) to a SMA (f) connector it will mechanicaly fit, but it doesn’t connect.

Is this considered the best mobile antenna option? My application will be mounting it to the roof of a Mercedes Sprinter Class B van (RV). I’m hoping to improve connectivity in rural areas. @Tim-Zhang how did the performance testing work out for you?

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