Spitz AX GL-X3000 Google FI - SIM Not Registered

Hello, I recently purchased the GL-X3000 and unable to get it working with Google FI. I get a message that the SIM card is not registered. I attempted using the SIM from my mobile device and that did not work. I found some other forum posts about having to activate the SIM on a mobile device you do not plan to use, and then use that SIM. I ordered a new 5g phone, and activated the phone/SIM on that device. I was able to browse the web with no issue, then inserted the new SIM but still get a message that the SIM is not registered. Some posts talked about having to change the IMEI of the router to match the phone, so I even tried that to no avail. Any thoughts or am I SOL?

Try switching to sim 2 and then back to sim 1 (even though you don’t have a sim in slot 2). After switching back if that doesn’t work click on manual setup and confirm that you have the correct APN shown.

Yes, it is the correct APN and I have tried switching the SIMs. I just tried again, and same results.

How does one change the IMEI number in settings? I purchased a new SIM from AT&T yesterday and the IMEI AT&T gave me doesn’t match the IMEI number in the Cellular settings

The IMEI number represents the device, not the SIM. So if you go to About Phone/Device, it should show you your device IMEI. I then ran the following manual modem command to switch it to match the phone’s IMEI:

AT+EGMR=1,7,“replace with your IMEI”
this command may vary depending on the router/modem, but I did run the command to verify the IMEI and confirmed it changed to the IMEI I entered.

Always make sure to take note of your original IMEI number before changing it so that you can change it back to the original if need be. Also, this was posted to the forum by a GL-iNet employee “After you change the IMEI, you should use the following AT command to save: AT+QPRTPARA=1”

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@litlelee9 this is an excerpt from another post of mine that may help you get connected.

After doing the switch to sim 2 and back to sim 1 it still wouldn’t connect. I then clicked manual setup and while the values were correct I clicked “Select a Profile” and chose Verizon (substitute your carrier here). To my surprise the sim connected.

Thank you doczenith1. Yes I made note of the original IMEI of the device in case I had to revert back. I was not aware of the other command to save…I did try rebooting and made sure the IMEI was still correct. I ran the command to save just to be sure. As for the profiles, there is no built-in profile for GoogleFI as there is with Verizon. I did create a profile however and attempted the switch to my custom profile, but that does not work either. Still get a SIM card not registered.

What firmware version are you running?

It came with 4.0, I forget which release. But I upgraded it to a beta version to see if that might fix it…so currently, it’s running 4.0 release 50402.


I am now able to get the cellular modem to connect after playing around with my antenna setup. However, while the modem shows connected and good signal strength, I am unable to get to the internet. If I SSH into the router and try to ping out, it just says network unreachable. Any thoughts?

I’ve been messing with this for the past 2 weeks. And I’m about ready to send the d*** thing back. Connects successfully to t mobile and verizon sim cards, Indicates there is great connection and 5G.
But then I get an error that says connected without internet.

I did get the internet to work for about two hours on the t mobile sim card, but it flaked out.

This is so frustrating!

I hear ya, it was quite frustrating for me as well…but happy to share that I am now up and running! I decided to try a firmware reset on the device. When it came back up, i just chose the auto-connect and it connected right up. The first time I tried a Google FI data sim from another hotspot, and that didn’t work, which led me to playing around with the manual settings. I then came across other forum posts about changing the IMEI…so that is when I purchased a cheap moto x 5g phone and ordered a new data only sim from Google FI. Once activated on the the phone, I plugged it into the spitz, and was able to get it to somewhat connect…at least show me that it recognized the provider and showed good signal strength. It even appeared to be connected, but never was. So when I reset the firmware, and it came up, it immediately connected and now shows the option to disconnect. I am able to ping out, and connect to the internet from a WLAN connected device!

So yeah, it’s been super frustrating these past few days/week…but super pumped I have it working now! Let’s just hope it remains that way!!!


Good to know! Thanks for that info, I’ll give it a try!