Spitz AX goes offline after auto upgrades

Both of my Spitz Ax went offline after some automatic firmware updates were pushed at my router. When this happened my APN settings disappeared. I deleted all of the other profiles so this couldn’t happen again but they came back.
DO NOT push these firmware updates at my routers. One is 660 miles away at my vacation home and needs to stay running.


I totally agree with you! But just to let you know there is an option to disable online update check which will be available in newer firmware. I found it in the nightly build.

The update check will not perform an auto-upgrade - as long as it’s not enabled.
So I guess it’s a different issue here.

Maybe the device reset itself instead of doing an upgrade?

What’s the chances of both of my units resetting and losing all the APN settings? Had to be something done on purpose

I update this file /etc/config/upgrade
And add invalid url like
option url ‘https://no-update

In there