Spitz AX + mesh


I want to use Spitz AX as my main router in my summer house (no cable operator there). Problem is it will not cover the whole house. I need to extend wifi signal with some additional device (house is 2 storey, one device per storey will work), ideally working as a mesh. What glinet device can act as wifi mesh with Spitz? CONVEXA-B?

Please note there will be around 10 users devices + 5 onvif cameras + home assistant with ~20 devices.

Spitz AX doesn’t support Mesh.

You an use Convexa-B or travel router like Beryl-AX or Slate-Plus working as WIFI repeater to extend the WIFI coverage.

Hi, extending / repeating wifi signal creates additional problems like switching between wifi networks. Isn’t 802.11s supported natively by any modern openwrt ([OpenWrt Wiki] 802.11s Based Wireless Mesh Networking)?
Can I use external mesh system like deco m4?

The main problem is that this is advanced configuration and you might need to go full OpenWrt for that. So the question would not fit into this forum anymore - because it’s more an OpenWrt question than an GL.iNet one.

btw: you are looking for fast roaming, not mesh. [OpenWrt Wiki] Setting up DAWN and band-steering in OpenWrt

Simpler LBR20 has support for mesh out of the box. Problem is that even if Spitz is a great hardware, understanding of use cases for real users is not great. IMO there is no technical limitation to use mesh on this device, but easier will be buy Netgear if no interest from glinet in this matter.

That is because of OpenWrt. Not really to blame the GL team here.

Convexa-B is also on OpenWrt and no issue with mesh there.

Mesh is actually quite difficult. Except for making it very stable and self-healing, it involves a lot of effort to deal with user behaviors. Really not easy for us to do.