Spitz AX Online Firmware Update Not Working

Anyone experiencing issues with online firmware checking? Mine says an operation time out occurred after a few seconds on the Upgrade page. Seems like the router can’t access the online firmware repo.

Mine is working fine and showing message when there is a new firmware .

I’m getting a “-3, Permission denied” now. What does that even mean?

Which firmware do you currently use?

Was on 404 when this happened then manually updated to 405 and problem still persists

do you use VPN? What kind of DNS server do you use?

Didn’t use any VPN, turned off AdGuard, rebooted router…didn’t help

Couldn’t see anything in the logs that could point to what’s wrong.

IIRC the auto update worked once when I bought the router new. I then had to perform a manual update once to version 404 from the factory FW and the auto update has stopped working since. Is there a connection there?

Any suggestions how else to debug this?

Did you login to the moment as root or low privileged user ?

I did notice while trying different firmware that there is a problem with the firmware autocheck and autouprade functionalities because they are still in development and testing phases.

The firmware 0405release1 is working without issues.

I logged on as usual to the admin panel using the password I’ve set. That’s not root user?