Spitz AX Rooftop Antenna

Im using the Spitx AX NR. Used it this weekend in our camper with 2 sims to test out. We were in low land surrounded by large ski hills. VZW and ATT both barely had 1 bar of signal. Im looking into installing a roof antenna on top of the camper to help improve the signal. I have the 750v2 and installed a roof antenna for that and it improved the signal dramatically. Im looking at getting the Pepwave 42G. Is this the correct antenna to use with this new Spitz AX?

Hi,I have confirmed the product specification of 42G, which should work on Spitx AX. if you have enough time. Can wait a while. We plan the spitz AX to be compatible with some popular camper roof antennas.This work is under test and will be published as soon as it is completed.

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