Spitz AX slow

My Spitz AX on ATT 5G NSA is at it’s best 90Mbps. I have two phones (Samsung flip and Moto flip) they both get 400-600Mbps. Phones and Spitz AX are connected to the same bands.
I am using apn= enhanced phone and ipv6 isn’t enabled.
Any suggestions?

Can you confirm the band the phone is using?

How are you measuring the speed of the Spitz?

In Chicago, Detroit, Portland hotel:
ATT:Maximum speed 200 Mbit/s
TMO:Maximum speed 700 Mbit/s

The speed shouldn’t be worse than a cell phone.

Based on the OP’s screenshot they are connected to 20 MHz of b66 and 40 MHz of n77. That is plenty of bandwidth and should provide over 300 Mbps. I suspect that perhaps the OP might be testing on a device connected to the router via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi which is limiting speeds. My other thought is that maybe a VPN is somehow involved.


Hi Littleboss, please refer the attachment document share the device to me, I will help you to anaylse remotely. you can sent the device mac address and password to my email(hoff.xin@gl-inet.com).
Share the device to technical support via Goodcloud.zip (206.0 KB)

Figured it out today! I borrowed a Suncomm from a friend. Same slow speeds!!! Then I noticed that wifi on my computer gave me faster speeds than the LAN. 150Mbps vs 80-90 on the LAN. Then I tried wifi on my phone and got 400Mbps!!! This was 5GHz wifi. Suncomm has no way to turn off 5GHz or 2.4 so it automatically connected to 5GHz… My computer is old and LAN is probably 100baseT… Doesn’t have built in wifi so I have a usb wifi adapter in it. It’s 802.11ac but not as fast as the wifi on my phone and not sure if it’s 2.4 or 5G

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Glad you figured it out. The 90 Mbps should have been my clue that 100BASE-TX might have been the culprit.

Great! Thank you for your feedback, Please enjoy using Spitz AX, if you have any other questions, please feedback to us!

It’s working good. I am going to add a USB fan to the top for added cooling. Thanks

HaHa, when we design this product, we have considered the problem of heat dissipation, and there is a special cooling fan inside, when the temperature of the device is too high, the fan will start work, so I think USB fan isn’t necessary. but if you want to add it, you can.

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