Spitz AX UI showing no sim has no internet - but it does

This is an odd one. I have a Spitz AX. Primary internet is Starlink via ethernet. Secondary is a Sim.

The symptom is a notice on the web UI:

The interface is connected, but the Internet can’t be accessed.

The “Cellular” indicator on the front of the device itself is NOT illuminated.

However, it is in fact working. If I unplug the primary, the connection fails over, and my internet service is not interrupted. In fact, in the screenshot, you can see that 5.5MB data has been consumed. This is all while “The interface is connected, but the Internet can’t be accessed.”

Both interfaces (ethernet, sim) have the exact same list of ip addresses they ping to check for internet connectivity (Internet status tracking)

For background, I’m having this problem with a Digicel sim I got in Grenada, but it was working fine with a different Digicel sim in Trinidad.

Screenshot below.

Update, opened a terminal on my laptop, and when using this sim for internet, I can’t ping any address whatsoever. It appears this cellular provider blocks all pings? Anyone heard of this?

maybe you could try to modify this option “track command”,change “ping” to “httping”

multiwan-→traking method,click on the icons behind interfaces

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Great suggestion, it worked! Now please, while staff is viewing this, I hope a critical feature request can be added, that I’m very surprised isn’t standard on a router of this caliber.

There needs to be an alert (email or text) when failing over to the secondary connection.

Also nice, the LED displays on the device should indicate whether the wans have traffic (wan-eth1 or sim1) should blink like the wifi inidicators do. I need to be able to glance at the device and see if traffic is flowing over eth1 or sim1.

This is a router that cost more than $400 not a cheap little consumer router, and at that price, these features are expected.

Other than that, really enjoying this router!

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