Spitz AX with winegard 5g antenna

I recently bought a spitz AX for my travel trailer, since I’m replacing the roof I bought a new antenna which is a winegard 360+ 5g it contains an omni tv antenna, 4 LTE/ 5g antennas and one wifi antenna inside the dome, I did buy mcx to sma cables 5’ to adapt to the router, I have not mounted it yet but hooked it up and tested it setting on the roof and it seems to get better signal/speed vs the paddle antennas. As it only has one wifi antenna, should I buy a separate “puck style” wifi antenna for the roof or just use one paddle inside and the one inside the dome antenna? Winegard claims it is only compatible with their 5g gateway but probably because it has male mcx vs sma connectors, my other question is the router has main / main and mimo 1/ mimo 2, what would be the orientation of the 4 antennas? my antennas in the “dome” are 90 degrees apart.

You can connect the Cellular antenna cable to any main/div/mimo1/mimo2 connectors, just ensure the antenna can cover the frequency of 600Mhz~6GHz.

If you don’t need to connect the public WIFI on camp, you can keep the default WIFI paddle antenna.