Spitz Connection Issue

I have 2 spitz and been using the one for awhile so pretty confident on using it. I bought another one. Using tmobile. It will not connect using manual. If I use auto connects right up. Switch to manual and no go. If I click on sim and just hit apply even without swapping from sim 1 to sim 2 it connects right up. Same thing make another band change in manual, wont connect. click sim and just hit apply on the same sim and then connects.

Anyone dealing with this? Ive tried newest firmware and back 2 or 3 also and same thing. The modem had a older firmware so I updated that to the newest and same issue still.

My other spitz works great in manual.

I had 2 sims in it before. Now it only has 1. But it still shows the sim ID in the 2nd spot. If I try to use sim 2 it will say no sim.