Spitz GL-X3000 antenna durability questions and options sought

This cell router has been outstanding for me. Since the last firmware it has been rock solid and the performance is excellent.

I use this in a travel setting where it is moved around a lot. I am concerned that that paddle antennas fail as I take them on/off frequently. One has come apart from tightening already. A bit of super glue solved it.

  • Any tips for taking the on/off paddle antennas and keeping them tight?
  • Any tips for an external antenna? I have seen a dome type antenna discussed but not sure what the timeline on this looks like.

Thanks in advance for any/all help.

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@lizh do you have any ideas on this? Thank you.

For the first question, the current paddle antennas are for home/office usage, if take on/off them frequently, the connector will be loosen. We will check with out antenna supplier, after how many times of on/off, how much tighten force will be lost.

For the external antenna, we will test the Mediamark dome antenna in coming days, LTMWG942, the antenna spec can match product requirement.

Other dome antennas with below spec are also suitable for Spitz AX:
4x 5G antennas: 600M-6GHz (SMA)
2x WIFI antennas: 2.4-2.5/5.15-5.85GHz (RP SMA)

Thank you for the reply - please pass along any testing results on the Mediamark.

Can additional antennas for the GL-X3000 be purchased separately? Or is there a third party option for individual antennas?

Oh no … yeah, that’s my use-case RN :expressionless:

So far the MobileMark has been rock solid. It gets 5 bars 5g when my phone gets 1 bar. It also has the best reviews on all the RV forums.

After we tested the antenna, we will add the antenna type and linkage on the Spitz AX listing, and let our customers to purchase it from the antenna vendor directly.

What is the best place to purchase this?

I thought this was a good price. I bought from them. This antenna requires a ground plane to work correctly. The site alo sells them if you are not mounting on metal. My trailer is all aluminun.

Hey, I was thinking about this same problem, since my previous GL routers all have loose antennas!

I came across an adapter that has a push connector on the male side and a threaded one on the female side. This would basically allow you to push the antennas on instead of having to thread them on. This will make the antennas stick out a bit and there is a chance the push force may be too weak to hold them upright, but you would have to try and see.

I have not yet found an easy vendor, like Amazon; only specialty distributors that charge $25/ea! If I find something, I will come back and add a link.


About the LTMWG942, how do you recommend to connect it? Just not use the GNSS connection and only connect the other 4 MIMO + 2 Wifi coax cables? Does the Spitz AX still receive GPS in that configuration with that antenna?

Correct, the Cellular antenna (600M~6GHz) covers the GPS frequency, and X3000 can extract the GPS signal from it.

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Will the LTMWG940 work as well as the LTMWG942? It lacks the two WiFi antennas. But if we’re only needing to broadcast WiFi within an RV, we don’t really need external WiFi antennas, correct? Also, the fewer the cables the greater the chance the cables will fit through the pre-drilled cable run in the roof.

You are right, can connect LTMWG940 four cellular cables to X3000 SMA connectors, and keep the paddle WIFI antennas for WiFi coverage within the RV.

What about this product mentioned in this post in another thread? It sounds similar to what you are talking about and seems to be a lower cost. I’m looking at them for a Spitz (GL-X750V2).